How to use?

Other dashboards provide an opportunity to get an additional overview of the data found on Minuomavalitsus webpage. To help you understand this, here's a quick guide on how to examine the data yourself.

The various elements of PowerBI dashboards (names, columns, sectors, lines, etc.) are clickable and selectable. This means that after selection, the clicked area will be highlighted. In addition, the selected area is highlighted on other graphs.

Ikoon täisekraanile - Allows you to display the dashboard in full screen. Located at the bottom right. To exit full screen, press the Esc key on your keyboard.

Valikute kustutamine - Clears the selections made for a specific filter and restores the original setting.

Sisu jagamine - Allows you to share content.

Fookusrežiim - Takes you to the focus view of a specific graph. Shows only one selected graph.

Last updated: 17. July 2020