To ensure the objectivity and transparency of the evaluation of service levels, we publish the data used in evaluation. The data is available to all and published in separate yearly sets.

Year 2021 dataset

Year 2020 dataset

Year 2019 dataset

Year 2018 dataset 

Year 2017 dataset

Year 2016 dataset

In order to find out the evaluation of residents’ satisfaction, a survey of satisfaction with local government services and the living environment was conducted in January 2020 in co-operation with Statistics Estonia. The aim of the survey was to get an overview of the residents' satisfaction with the living environment and the quality of services provided by local governments. The survey asked for an assessment of opportunities for mobility, sport and cultural leisure, the living environment, maintenance, the provision of general services and local governance. Data was collected and is presented with the granularity of local government. See more in detail: More detailed data of the residents’ satisfaction survey can be found in the database of Statistics Estonia:

See also explanations and background information on the use of the data.

Last updated: 17. July 2020